STAYing Up-to-date

Please click HERE to see all the photos from the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. 

In order for the HOA to be able to email you meeting notices, your dues statements, etc., FL law requires us to have your written consent (which you may revoke at any time in writing). We have published this information on several newsletters, on the website, at past meetings, and by sending out a copy of the electronic disclosure forms with your dues in December. 

We want to make sure everyone is being informed of all the events, and latest neighborhood updates, but we are not going to make separate lists for those who only want a newsletter, or who only want their dues delivered electronically, or who only want to receive meeting notices. It is an all or nothing kind of deal. We have enough to keep up on without having to worrying about creating 10 different email lists. 

If you have signed the electronic disclosure (which, the majority of you have), you will receive newsletters, dues statements, meeting notices, event notices, and any relevant neighborhood updates as they occur. However, if you do not want to sign the electronic consent form (which is perfectly fine too), do not expect us to knock on your door each time something happens and don't be mad if you miss out on something. 

We will continue to post meeting announcements on the bulletin board and the website for everyone. Newsletters will also be added to the bulletin board and website, for now. We already have more than half of the residents actively engaged with us and, in due time, the newsletters will be phased out because the information in the newsletters is already going out in an email as it is happening. 

I think we've made it relatively simple for everyone to stay in the loop. It is up to you to stay informed.

Yard of the Month Success

Greetings Neighbors,

The Landscape committee has made its selection for the March 2016 Yard-of-the-Month winner. Please click on the Yard-of-the-Month link for more information.

This month's newsletter will also have the winner's names and an email will go out to all who have signed the electronic disclosure. If you haven't signed the electronic disclosure statement, you will not receive an email from us unless you ask a direct question to which we will respond. All other bulletins, statements, notices, flyers, etc, will not be emailed to anyone who has not signed the electronic disclosure statement.

Have a great week! 



Just a reminder to all you wonderful neighbors who take pride in your yard...the YARD OF THE MONTH program begins NOW! We will begin taking nominations from you now. At the end of February, we will narrow down to just a few yards for the Board to select from. Get your nominations in to us ASAP!

Our FIRST EVER winner will receive the PRIZE, be entered into a YARD OF THE YEAR drawing...and will be announced at the beginning of March! We will post a YARD OF THE MONTH sign in their yard for the whole month, until the next winner is selected!!


Volunteers and Their Time

The Board of Directors and all of the Sisson Meadows Committees run solely based on each volunteers' spare time. Each volunteer brings a special skill and unique perspective to our community. We love our volunteers and appreciate every little bit of time they spend away from their families in order for us to effectively make our community GREAT! We would appreciate it if the community would respect the volunteers by not becoming an annoyance to them.

We put a lot more hours into this community than most people can fathom. Some of us work a normal job, and then devote extra time to ensure that the neighborhood is getting what it needs. Some of us do not work a paid job, but spend countless hours managing HOA business. We do not mind giving you our time Monday through Friday, and we normally like to operate within reasonable business hours; although we often deviate from "normal" business hours and occasionally work late hours. I have received several calls between the hours of midnight and 5:30 a.m. Contrary to popular belief, we do have a life outside of the HOA and children sleeping during these hours.

We would like to ask that each of you please respect our time with our families. We would greatly appreciate it if you would schedule a meeting if you need to speak to us, rather than banging on our doors during the times we reserve for our families--namely weekends and holidays. It is highly unreasonable to expect the volunteers to be on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We promise to return your email and/or phone call as quickly as possible--during reasonable days and times.

If there is some sort of Community emergency, by all means, call or email us on the weekends to notify us; however, we do not find that your neighbor wanting to install a fence constitutes an "emergency" and would ask that you have some respect for our volunteers and their family time.

Thank you!



We've received numerous calls regarding all the spraying going on in the middle of the street, in your yards, and on the sidewalks.

AT&T is coming into the neighborhood and installing so anyone who wishes can hook up to it.

I know this is frustrating to walk out and see what appears to be graffiti everywhere, but look on the bright you have more options for cable and internet. No more being stuck to one carrier that may or may not make your crazy when your internet goes down at the worst possible time.

AT&T will perform their duties and make as little mess as possible. They don't want to destroy  your yard, they just want you to be able to receive their services, if you want them. 

Please be patient as they work their way through the neighborhood.

annual assessments due now

We have billed the record owners of each lot for the first half of the 2016 Annual Assessments (builders are billed annually). Your payment must be received on or before January 31, 2016 if you wish to avoid late fees. 

Late fees will be added to your account on February 1, 2016.

Interest will be applied to your account on March 1, 2016 if payment is still not received by then.

A reminder will be published on the bulletin board.


Looking for a few good men and women

We are working on establishing a Benevolence Committee. We need men and women for this Committee. Currently, we have two neighbors who have had unexpected loss recently. If anyone would be interested in pulling together to help those who have endured unexpected losses, please contact Pam immediately, as we have a few things to take care of. You can call the HOA line at 321-360-7076, or if you have Pam's personal cell number, feel free to call that number instead. We also have one neighbor who has been in the hospital for weeks and we would like your help in reaching out to him and his wife.

Since we have not funded this developing committee yet, we will need you to volunteer your time and possibly some money. We will work to establish a Benevolence Fund for future situations, but for now, we ask for your charitable contributions to help us help our neighbors.

Also, in the future, if you know that one of your neighbors is ill, terminal, or has passed away, please let the Board of Directors know as soon as possible. We would like to reach out to the families before too much time has lapsed.


Beginning in 2016, the Newsletters will be available ONLY electronically. We can email a copy to all those who have signed the electronic disclosure forms, but a version will be uploaded to the website for all others. We are trying to cut expenses and save a little more of our time. We will send out one more paper copy to make sure everyone is informed. If you would like a copy sent to your email, you will need to fill out the electronic disclosure form that came along with your dues statement. If you no longer have a copy of the form, you can print one from the website. Click the "Forms" tab and look for "Electronic Disclosure Authorization Form" and fill it out and send it back to us. You can also drop it off to the Secretary.

If you know of anyone who doesn't have a computer or internet access, please let us know their name and address and we will continue to print them a copy.

We hope everyone has a very Happy New YEAR!

Block Party Photos

The Board would like to thank our neighbor, Derrick Bailey, owner of Ultramark Photo, for taking professional photos during the Halloween block party.

To see Derrick's work, and how much fun we had, please <click here> and enter the password "Halloween" to view your photos. Derrick is making your photos available to download for free. Photos can be downloaded using the icon in the bottom right corner of each photos.

Thank you Derrick for taking the time to capture our first Block Party!!!

You can also find the link to Ultramark Photos and download instructions on the Sisson Meadows HOA Facebook page .

We can't wait until the next one!


The HOA has a new address. We were able to procure a substantially better rate for our post office box from Priority One Shipping. This new address also gives us a "physical" address for UPS, FedEx, etc and is much more conveniently located. We are saving $172 per year.

The new address is effective immediately and is:

IMPORTANT...DO NOT USE "Suite" or "apt." write only "#238" after the street address.

379 Cheney Hwy #238

Titusville, FL32780

Dead Tree

A Board member, Bill Mills, noticed massive branches were falling from the dead tree back by the small pond. Catlett informed us that the tree was completely dead and needed to be removed ASAP. The Board looked at the tree and agreed that it was a danger to people and property. The Board conducted an emergency meeting, in an email, to vote to remove the tree due to the safety risks. It cost $800 to remove the tree. The tree is now gone.

Minutes were taken from the emergency vote and will be available to you as soon as we approve them at the next regular meeting, which has not been scheduled yet. We just wanted to keep you informed of this transaction.



Last Night's Meeting

Last night's meeting went relatively smoothly. The Board made strides in reshaping business practices to better suit you. We voted on a new policy for dues collection and delinquent accounts. Previously, the Board was charging interest and a late fee after 30 days, and then quickly turning delinquent accounts over to the attorney for collection within 45 days; this is no longer going to be the practice.

We have adopted a new policy that is more practical. Please click <HERE> to read the new policy.

The cliff notes version on the policy is this: The Board set a schedule on how and when to apply late fees, interest, and when to turn over the account for collections. We have also made it easier for anyone with financial hardships to make arrangements to avoid all the extra fees and we voted to reduce the interest rate from 18% down to 12%.



Halloween Block Party Oct. 31st

The BOD is planning a Halloween Block Party for October 31st 2-6 pm. More details are coming soon!!

The BOD needs to know how many children to expect so we can plan accordingly. If you have children and you plan to attend, please let the board know how many children you have and their ages. We want to make sure all our little ghosts and goblins get their yummy spooky snacks and prizes!