The Board is seeking volunteers to help with three Committees.

First, we need three people to form the Fine Review Committee. These three people cannot be a board member, or relative of a board member. This committee is responsible for holding a hearing for any homeowner who receives a Violation and Notice of Fine by the board. The FRC is NOT responsible for actually issuing a fine; this will remain the board's responsibility. The FRC is responsible for reviewing all information associated with an issued fine. FRC Members will determine whether the board has acted appropriately and whether the fine will be ratified or waived. The FRC has the final say. This committee will be called upon to hold a hearing ONLY IF a Request for a FRC Hearing has been received. The hearing must be held within 14 days of receiving a Hearing Request. If no request for a hearing is received, there will be no need for the hearing as the fine will be considered ratified.

Second, we are looking to establish a Budget Committee so the neighborhood will play an active role in the way your money is being spent. Currently, the President, Vice President, and Treasurer are members of the Budget Committee. This committee is open to all members.

Lastly, we need at least two more volunteers to join the Nomination Committee for next year's Board Election. The Vice President is the chair of the Nomination Committee and will oversee this committee's members. Members of the Nomination Committee will be tasked with receiving all nominations, sending out ballots, and counting ballots at the annual meeting. This committee is open to all members, but it is preferred that members of the Nomination Committee are not also actively running for the board.

If you are willing to help out, please email the President at with the name of the Committee you wish to join as the subject line.

Thank you!