Don't Like the Covenants?

Many people move into a deed restricted community in order to maintain the value of their homes. That is why I moved into one! Why did you?

HOA's are good and bad. HOA's are good in the sense that you know your neighbor will maintain his or her yard, he can't leave broken down vehicles sitting in front of our homes, and nobody will paint her house pink with purple polka-dots, therefore decreasing the value of your home. HOA's are bad in the sense that sometimes, the board can get carried away and sometimes even make the wrong decisions; thus, HOA's are bittersweet.

BUT, have you ever read through the covenants and thought, "This makes no sense!"? Or, "This doesn't even apply to our neighborhood!"? What about "This one is just plain petty!"? Well, you're not alone!! Some of our covenants ARE outdated, or don't apply, and some are petty!

If you find yourself thinking any of these thoughts, or worse, have you ever thought about bringing your ideas for a correction, or revision to the board?

The board is currently writing Rules and Regulations for a Fine Process so that we can swiftly deal with those who simply DO NOT CARE about your property values. These new rules are meant for those who genuinely have no common courtesy, or who simply do not care that you comply with the covenants (and they don't), even if you disagree with some of them. They flat out refuse to help the rest of us maintain the quality of our neighborhood and the value of our homes. It is not the board's intent to construct the Fine Process to be used as a weapon, in the future, by runaway boards or to harm anyone who complies with the rules of our deed restricted community on a daily basis, but who may slip up on occasion. Therefore, we ask that if any of you believe the covenants are in need of a revision, PLEASE COME TO US!

In order to change or amend our Covenants, 2/3 of the neighborhood MUST VOTE ON EACH CHANGE (12.10(b) Covenants). Since these new Fine Rules and Regulations are coming in the very near future, I ask that anyone and everyone who wishes to do so to conduct independent research of our covenants and make notes on what you believe needs to be revised, completely changed, or deleted from the covenants, then bring your suggestions to the board so that we can vote on whether the changes should be put forth and then we will gladly put it in front of our neighbors for votes.

I assure each of you that there will be NO BACKLASH for disagreeing with the covenants or coming to the board with revision suggestions. But, I do hope that you take into consideration that if you do not bring us your suggestions, then you cannot be mad at us later!

We hope to hear from you soon!