A Message from a Neighbor

There are a lot of speeders on Breakaway Tr. going 30-35 vs 15. How about another speed limit sign by the hydrant on the right around the curve past the 4 way stop. Just a reminder that WE are usually the ones speeding in our own neighborhood.

Folks might want to try the collapsible water hose "as seen on TV" I have 2 50' ones and they are great!

To deodorize your trash cans, mix one box baking soda in a gallon jug filled with cat litter and shake well to mix. Pour half a cup in garbage can after Fri pick-up and pour a small amount into your kitchen bags before use.

Reminder for those who trim your trees, your trimmings need to be on YOUR lot for pick-up. Do not leave them on a vacant lot, and please stop piling them in front of the bulletin board. The city will not pick-up any trimmings that are tossed on an unoccupied lot.