Fine Review Committee

The Board has established a Fine Process and a Fine Review Committee that will be responsible for conducting hearings, upon written request, for any member who has been issued a fine by the Board of Directors.

This committee is made up of volunteer homeowners of Sisson Meadows who are completely independent of the Board. The Fine Review Committee will make the final decision as to whether the board has acted appropriately and whether the fine was warranted and/or if the fine will be ratified or waived.

According to Florida State law, members of this committee may not be a member of the Board of Directors or anyone from the Board member's family.

This policy is not meant to be used as a weapon against the neighborhood. All Board members are expected to utilize this policy as a last resort. The Board will make every effort to seek compliance with the covenants using verbal and written correspondence before implementing a fine.

Creating this policy was not an easy decision for the Board, but a necessary decision nonetheless.