Hotline to Report Dog Owners

The BOD has received many complaints regarding dog owners who walk their dogs in the neighborhood and allow their dogs to poop all over the sidewalks, streets, vacant Lots, and/or even their neighbors yards.

We have discovered that Brevard County has a hotline that you can call to report these issues. ANYONE from the neighborhood can call to make a report. It is best for the eyewitness to make these reports; therefore, the Board WILL NOT make calls on your behalf. No Board member should ever call this hotline "on behalf of the HOA" each BOD Member can call as a "private homeowner", NOT as the BOD!

You do not need to contact the board if or when you call, unless you want the board to know.

The more information you have before reporting, the better the situation will be handled. You will definitely need to know the address of the guilty party. Just BE SURE that you are not reporting the incorrect address as we do not want anyone being wrongfully reported. There are some people from the apartments down the street who come into our neighborhood and allow their dogs to use the bathroom and never pick it up. PLEASE do not report your neighbor unless you are 100% sure of who it is and where they live!

To make a report call:

Brevard Animal Control/Animal Enforcement