STAYing Up-to-date

Please click HERE to see all the photos from the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. 

In order for the HOA to be able to email you meeting notices, your dues statements, etc., FL law requires us to have your written consent (which you may revoke at any time in writing). We have published this information on several newsletters, on the website, at past meetings, and by sending out a copy of the electronic disclosure forms with your dues in December. 

We want to make sure everyone is being informed of all the events, and latest neighborhood updates, but we are not going to make separate lists for those who only want a newsletter, or who only want their dues delivered electronically, or who only want to receive meeting notices. It is an all or nothing kind of deal. We have enough to keep up on without having to worrying about creating 10 different email lists. 

If you have signed the electronic disclosure (which, the majority of you have), you will receive newsletters, dues statements, meeting notices, event notices, and any relevant neighborhood updates as they occur. However, if you do not want to sign the electronic consent form (which is perfectly fine too), do not expect us to knock on your door each time something happens and don't be mad if you miss out on something. 

We will continue to post meeting announcements on the bulletin board and the website for everyone. Newsletters will also be added to the bulletin board and website, for now. We already have more than half of the residents actively engaged with us and, in due time, the newsletters will be phased out because the information in the newsletters is already going out in an email as it is happening. 

I think we've made it relatively simple for everyone to stay in the loop. It is up to you to stay informed.